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After 5 YEARS I have decided to end my relationship with Hairsisters aka "Chang corporation". I used to pay $7.00 for shipping and I would get my package the next morning believe it or not. Lately However, they're charging over $12.00 for shipping and I have to wait the full 7 to 10 business days to receive my package. That would be perfectly fine with me except for the fact that I live 30 minutes away! Sistawigs has ALL the same hair and more... Read more

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They"re free shipping has gone from 2 day UPS shipping to UPS surepost for free shipping...UPS transfers your package to the post office and it takes about a week to get your package now

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Never written a hair review like this but I think it's important to share. Ordered a wig which took a very long time to come. Tracking link didn't work so all the info I had was that it was "shipped". When I finally received a response to my query about why the tracking number doesn't work, I was provided with a new tracking number which worked...after the product was delivered. Great. Also, customer service skills are sub-par. Straightforward... Read more

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You charge me for two wigs but i only recieved one

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Still waiting on my order that i expressed shipped. Sent several emails that i have yet to get a reply back to..

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First Off , Hair Sisters Compared To Other Hair Websites Are Way Over Priced. So Basically When You Order From HairSisters You're Paying More And Have Slower Shipping. Other Websites Like HairToBeauty And WigTypes Have The Same Wigs But Are Super Cheap And The Hair Arrives In 2 Days Vs A Week When Ordering From HairSisters . The Only Reason I Even Ordered From HairSisters Is Because Both Of My Goto Websites Were Out Of Stock On The Wigs I Wanted. Read more

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I ordered from Hair Sisters using 3 day delivery. I paid extra 13.00. Have yet to receive my products. It was explained to me by the Rep. the policy is the 3 day delivery is from the time it takes to get from the distributor!!! So, I paid to get 3 day priority, for the same time it will take if I had just ordered it free ( ground delivery ) NOWHERE that I could see, was that written. Last time I order from Hair Sisters. There are too many online... Read more

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Habituated need to be more specific of what kind of hair your selling because I bout 10 packs of what I thought was Cuevana twist braiding hair only to get it and the hair is on a track like really... I really want a refund that was 70$ I couldn't kept..

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They use to be a good and timely company some 10 years ago. They just celebrated their 10 year anniversary last year. I have been a customer since the beginning, but this last year, 2015 to current, February 1, 2016, their service is deteriorating. I guess they are getting to big to care about the customers anymore. I have experienced many of the same issues noted by others above. I have ordered products for holiday and/or business travel... Read more

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Shipping is longer than what is said

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